Farm Safety – Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Rebate Program

The Facts:

  • Tractor overturns are the leading cause of farm-related deaths.
  • Rollover protection structures are 99% effective in preventing these deaths.

The Program:

  • The National Farm Medicine Center received generous donations from the Auction
    of Champions, an annual fundraiser for farm health and safety in Marshfield WI, to
    develop a ROPS Rebate Program.
  • The ROPS Rebate Program will rebate 70% of the cost of purchasing and installing
    the ROPS and seatbelt (up to $865 maximum).

How It Works:

  • Farmers call the ROPS Hotline (1-877-ROPS-R4U or 1-877-767-7748) or visit for registration.
    • Hotline staff researches the ROPS options for the tractor make and model,
      provides estimated costs and sources for purchasing ROPS. The information
      is sent to farmers by mail.
  • Farmers choose the ROPS options they like best.
  • Farmers call the ROPS Hotline to obtain pre-approval for the ROPS option they
  • Farmers order their ROPS through their local dealer or the ROPS manufacturer.
  • Farmers call the ROPS Hotline to confirm the order and reserve their rebate money
    (cost may be different than the estimate).
  • Farmers send copies of receipts (proof of purchase and installation of ROPS and
    seatbelt) to Hotline staff.
    • The National Farm Medicine Center mails a rebate check within 30 days of
      receiving receipts.

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