2019 Tractor Safety

Tractors are a valuable part of any farm business, but can be unsafe if employees are not prepared with the right training.  This course offers skills on basic farm safety, proper tractor operations, connecting and using implements and more.  Get the job done more safely and efficiently!

Twelve year olds are eligible for a State of Wisconsin Certificate to drive tractors for their parents.  Youth ages 13 and older are eligible for a Federal Certificate on their 14th birthday, allowing them to drive tractors for an employer.  Youth involved in hazardous occupations other than on a farm operated by their parents, must have a Certificate of Exemption from these regulations in order to engage in such employment.

Course Details:
Date: Wednesday, June 26th-Friday, June 28th, 2019
Time: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. daily (24 hours of total instruction)
Cost: $100 (Additional $15 book fee applies)
Registration Closes Friday, June 21st, 2019


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// Visit: cvtc.edu/tractorsafety
// Call: 715-855-7525
// Email: snovotny@cvtc.edu


Develop Your Skills

  • Farm Safety Basics
  • Proper Tractor Operations
  • Connecting and Using Implements
  • Identifying Agricultural Hazards


2019 Tractor Safety Flyer

Additional Information

  • Emergency Room Nurse Presentation
  • Electrical Power Distribution Energy Presentation
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Tractor Controls and Checks
  • Using Three-Point and Power Take-Off Connections
  • Safe Materials Handling



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