Parents Forever 2020 – New Class Line-up

Parents Forever 2020


Over the last year, I, Stephanie Hintz, the Human Development and Relationship Educator for Extension Dunn County, have been working with the President of Positive Alternative, Kelli Kamholz, and the Dunn County Clerk of Courts, Katie M. Schalley, to transfer the court-order divorce parenting programming from Positive Alternatives to Extension Dunn County. The new co-parenting program held in Dunn County is a research-based parenting curriculum developed by the University of Minnesota – Extension called Parents Forever.


There have been many questions about this program and the transition. I am hoping to address them head on for 2020. Here are some frequently asked questions about the new program:


Who should attend this class? This class is for parents. Parents who are divorcing, parents who were never married but separating, or parents who are changing custody. Most people take this class when they are court-ordered but this class is very beneficial for supporting all co-parenting dynamics.


What is the cost? The cost of this program is $20 for early registration or $30 for day of registration for 2020.


To provide more historical background, in 2019, the cost of the Parents Forever program was $40 and $50 respectively. In the past, when Positive Alternatives facilitated the court-order divorce parenting programming, the course was also $50. The change is the cost is due to a reduction in the cost of curriculum and materials and the Extension office wanting to make this class more accessible to all families in Dunn County, even for parents that are not court-ordered to take the class.


Should parents attend together or separately? Some couples choose to

attend the same class and some couples choose to attend separately; it is based on a case-by-case bases on whether or not it is appropriate to attend together.


How does this class work? To complete the course a parent must attend the four-hour in-person training or complete the eight-hour online course. They will receive a certificate of completion after completing your course.


See the brochure here: Parents Forever 2020

Register for a in-person Parents Forever Class Here:



Stephanie Hintz, MSW

Human Development and Relationships Educator

Extension Dunn County


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