Meat Animal Project

 Mission Statement:

The primary objective of the Dunn County Meat Animal Project is to encourage and educate livestock producers to improve their programs in the production, breeding and management of high-quality meat that will more adequately meet processing requirements and provide wholesome, nutritious and palatable meat as a food for the consumer.

| It is a privilege, not a right, to be in the Dunn County Meat Animal Project. |

2018-2019 MAP Committee List – Have any specific questions about your species? Check out who is on the committee and contact them!

Dunn County 4-H and FFA Meat Animal Committee Bylaws

Entry Rules

Carefully read the 2019 Meat Animal Project General Rules to make sure you know how to enter your Meat Animal.  In addition to the general rules, each species has specific requirements.

2019 Beef Specific Requirements

2019 Market Goat Specific Requirements

2019 Sheep Specific Requirements

2019 Swine Specific Requirements

Weigh-in Information

Weigh-ins are held a the Dunn County Rec Park in the Small Animal building.  To help weigh-in go smoothly, please bring the entry form to weigh-in.  Copies are available at the Extension office if you are unable to print a copy.

Entry Form – Beef 2019 (PDF) Entry Form – Beef 2019 (Word)

Entry Form – Goat 2019 (PDF)  Entry Form – Goat 2019  (Word)

Entry Form – Sheep 2019 (PDF) Entry Form – Sheep 2019 (Word)

Entry Form – Swine 2019 (PDF) Entry Form – Swine 2019 (Word)

Weigh-In Dates: Beef -December 8th, Goats and Sheep – April 13th (9AM to 10 AM).

Educational Requirements –

Educational Requirements: New for 2019 – To participate in the Meat Animal Project, project members must attend a Dunn County MAP Rules and Carcass Clinic meeting. Sign in for these events will be required and please get your Education Card signed. YQCA training (in-person or online) is also required and you should get your card signed. NEW! No educational forms will be needed for attendance at the Rules meeting, in-person YQCA training, and Carcass Clinic meeting.

The first Rules Meeting occurred in late November. If you missed that there will be a make-up Rules Meeting on January 10th at 7:00 PM. The last Rules Meeting is on April 25th, 7:00-8:30 PM. These will be held in Room 54, in the Dunn County Community Services Building.

  1. All project members will be required to complete one educational form, or complete a “bred and owned” form, or participate in a judging team (coach must sign educational form). Educational forms must be submitted to the Extension Office no later than 4:30 pm on June 21, 2019.
  2. Members failing to submit Educational Requirements prior to June 21, 2019 will not be allowed to sell their animals at the sale. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.

MAP Education Event Tracking Form (PDF) MAP Education Event Tracking Form (Word)

2019 Educational Point Form  (PDF) 2019 Educational Point Form (Word)

Forms –

Project Expense and Efficiency Report – Start filling out your project expense form as soon as possible!

COOL Country of origin affidavit & information – Animals to be sold must have a Country of Origin Affidavit accompany them to the fair. This is a USDA requirement, and a Dunn County Fair policy.

Animal ID Check-in Form **The Animal ID Check-in Form is also referred to as the “Load Sheet”

Animal Checklist for Fair Entry – ** Helpful list for signing up for animal projects at the Dunn County Fair

Dunn County MAP – Scholarship Opportunity

Rule Exceptions or Protests

If you need to request a rule exception, or wish to protest a project-related decision, please call the UW-Extension.

YQCA – Dates will be posted for 2019 soon. We expect to hold one training here in the Community Services Building in late January and will have another in April. 

We moved from MAQA (Meat Animal Quality Assurance) to the National YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) program fall of 2017. Are you interested in learning more about the switch from MAQA to YQCA? Check out this webinar below to learn more.

State-wide information

For other state-related Youth Livestock information, check out the 4-H Youth Livestock website:

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program

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