Executive Council and Chairmen

Executive Council

President: Rosalie Werner

Past President:  Elaine Villeneuve

Vice-President:  Christie Pittman

Secretary:  Margaret Breisch                 

Treasurer:  Jayette Giere

Area Center Chairmen

North: Maureen Scott and Geri Bates, Co-chairs

West:  Rosalie Werner

East:  Rosalind Wynveen and Rita Kothlow, Co-chairs

Educational Chairmen

Vice-President for Program:   Alaine Sonnenberg

Vice-President for Family and Community Outreach:  June Braford

International and Citizenship: Valerene Johnson

Committee Chairmen

Cultural Arts:   Vacant

Marketing/Membership:  Christie Pittman

Wisconsin Bookworms:  Nancy Doane

Historian: Elaine Villeneuve



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