Classroom Style Programs


You are taking an important step to reduce the stress in your family and having more fun!  Below are some professional development opportunities.  Click on the link or call the number listed to register and take the first step to put the FUN back in your parenting!

Parents Forever ™

Parents Forever ™ is an educational program for families experiencing a:

  • Divorce.
  • Separation.
  • Change in custody.

Parents and other caregivers take a course like Parents Forever ™ for several reasons. Usually, they fall into one or both of the following groups:

  • They were told to take a parent education course by their judge, court personnel, or attorney.
  • They were concerned about their own and their children’s wellbeing after a family transition.

Parents Forever ™ has been approved by the Dunn County Court. It meets and exceeds expectations for court-mandated parent education in Dunn County. In Dunn County you have TWO options for satisfying the court-order, (1) attend the four-hour in-person training or (2) complete the eight-hour online course. For both options, you will receive a certificate of completion after completing your course. This certificate is what you need to show your judge, court personnel, or attorney if the course was court-ordered.

To register for an in-person class, visit the Parents Forever page.


 Becoming a Love and Logic Parent™  Put the fun back in parenting!

This six-week course helps parents and children establish a rewarding relationship built upon love and trust. Topics include:

  • Responsibility
  • Control
  • Ownership
  • Setting limits
  • Empathy
  • Consequences

The material covered is appropriate for parents, grandparents and care providers of children age birth to 18 years.


 Trauma Informed Parenting

Are you caring for a child who has experienced trauma? This nine week class will help:

  • prepare you to welcome children into your home
  • manage the wide array of behaviors children present
  • cope with agency regulations, policies, and paperwork
  • you learn skills and techniques to influence your child’s behavior and attitudes
  • learn ways to reduce the stress of parenting a traumatized child


The Financial Coach Program

Having difficulty reaching your financial goals?

Create an on-going relationship with a budget coach to:

  • work through household finance issues
  • identify financial hardships
  • set realistic goals that you can follow and achieve!


Are You Ready?

The College Transition

A curriculum that focuses on specific solutions and best practices in preventing problems for students during the transition to college.

Today’s high school senior is at risk of a number of mental and physical health risks when he/she enters college. According to Dr. Richard Kadison, Chief of Mental Health Services at Harvard University Health Services, a student in college today has the chance of almost one in two of becoming depressed to the point of being unable to function; one in two that binge drinking will become a regular habit and one in ten students will seriously consider suicide. College counseling centers across the country report increased frequency and severity of students’ mental health concerns.

The transition poses challenges for parents, too, as they watch their child take another big step toward independence and wonder how to stay connected while letting go, especially when the child may be hundreds of miles away.

A new program created by Division of Extension in cooperation with college campuses in northwestern Wisconsin aims to help students and their parents to plan ahead for a smooth transition.

Extension county faculty from Washburn, Pierce, Dunn and St. Croix counties conducted local research at UW-Barron County and UW-River Falls, and combined it with additional research from statewide and national sources to prepare a curriculum that focuses on real solutions for preventing problems during post-high school education.

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