2020-2021 Dunn County Rental Rate Survey Results

Each year the Extension Dunn County office receives several questions about farmland rental rates from farm operators as well as non-farm land owners.  To better answer these questions, our office has conducted a farmland cash rent survey over the past several years.  The survey is intended to provide township level rental rate information for landlords and tenants who negotiate rental contracts in the many townships of Dunn County.

Click on the links below for survey summary results:

The rental rate survey should be used as a guide when determining rental rates, rather than an absolute. Rental rates in various areas may be impacted by several factors, including but not limited to: competition for the land, commodity prices, input costs, land ownership costs, distance to operator, size of field, productivity of soil types and slopes of the land. These averages and ranges are presented only as a starting point for negotiations between landowner and operator.

Educational Resources and Lease Forms for Farmland Available

The North Central Farm Management Extension Committee recently updated their leasing educational materials and lease forms in December 2011. These resources may assist you in negotiating written lease arrangements for farmland, pasture and other farm asset lease arrangements. The aglease101.org website contains all of these newly developed and revised forms and resources. These lease forms and other resources can also be found on our Farm Leasing website 

Additional USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of Wisconsin data can be found at the NASS website.

For more information regarding farmland rental rates and cash farm lease arrangements, please contact Katie Wantoch, Agriculture Agent at the Extension Dunn County office at 715-232-1636 or katie.wantoch@wisc.edu

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