The Horticulture Program provides unbiased, university research based information to the general public focusing on horticultural and natural resource education about environmentally and socially responsible practices through leadership and innovate programming.  Margaret Murphy is our Horticulture Educator. She covers Chippewa, Dunn, and Eau Claire Counties. Her main duty is to oversee the Master Gardener Volunteer Programs in each county. She is also available to answer horticulture questions. She is assisted in this by the Master Gardener Volunteers.

You can email questions to Margaret at margaret.murphy@wisc.edu  or call her at 715-382-3253 (cell).


Latest Horticulture News

  • Although it doesn’t seem like the optimal time to be gardening, February is actually a great time to be out pruning your trees and shrubs to make them more structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Why prune now? Whenever you prune, you create wounds that potentially can serve as entry points for disease-causing fungi and bacteria.
  • With no leaves to block our view, winter allows us to see trunk and branch structure more clearly. We also sometimes see unusual growths, or galls, on tree trunks and branches. There are a variety of different causes, depending on the tree species.
  • Winter is here!  Snow and ice on driveways and sidewalks need to be removed with each snow or ice storm that arrives. Are you looking for salt alternatives for your driveway or sidewalk?  Do you want to learn more about salt tolerant landscape plants?

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