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Livestock Comfort at the Fair

  A hot fair leaves fair exhibitors looking for coolness for both themselves and their fair animals. When temperatures reach above 80 degrees and the relative humidity is above 65 percent, comfort is certainly compromised. This kind of weather can be especially deadly for swine, as they have nonfunctioning sweat glands. Effects of heat stress […]

4H license plate

Gear Up For The County Fair

July is county fair time for many 4-H families.  And it’s the perfect time to show your 4-H pride by ordering a Wisconsin 4-H license plate for the car, truck or motor home.  The specialty plate, now available through the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles, supports the Wisconsin 4-H program, and bears the message 4-H […]


The 4-H Cat Project Presents: HOW TO *WIN* CAT SHOW!

The 4-H Cat Project Presents: HOW TO *WIN* CAT SHOW! Purroudly sponsored by Tabby’s Catfé Join us at Tabby’s Catfe for this fun event to learn all about the 4-H Cat Project, how to properly take care of cats, how to show cats at the fair, and the best tips and tricks on how *WIN* […]