Resources for Family Leaders

Research Based Resources

Navigating through the World Wide Web can be confusing.  Below are Extension supported on-line resources to help you on your road to an ever stronger family.

Family Financial Management

American Savings Education Council

Federal Trade Commission

Social Security Administration

National Endowment for Financial Education

Resources for Consumer Information from the Federal Government

Building Strong Families

  • Parenting 24/7
    • A “one-stop” source of news, information, and advice on parenting and family life from University of Illinois Extension. Designed for parents and grandparents of children from birth through the teens, it provides feature articles with research-based information, video clips of parents and experts, breaking news and commentary, newsletters, and recommendations to the best parenting resources on the web.
  • Love and Logic
    • Love and Logic® will help you determine what type of parenting style you use, what will and will not work with your kids, and great comebacks every parent should know.

Child Development

Parenting the Preschooler

  • The Parenting the Preschooler newsletter is designed for parents and caregivers of preschool age children.

Preparing Future Readers

  • Learning to read is one of those goals that all parents share for their children, and well it should be. Early reading ability is one of the key predictors of how children will succeed in their later schooling and life. And while schools and child care programs can have a big effect on the development of literacy, families still have the biggest impact.

Foods & Nutrition


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