Parents Forever

Parents Forever

Are you facing a change in custody?  

Co-parenting classes, which are facilitated by Human Development and Relationships Educators, are offered regularly. You can choose an in person or online version to meet your needs. In person courses are generally held once a month on Saturday mornings, at the Dunn County Government Center. Both online and in person classes use the same handbook, which can be picked up from many local Extension offices.

Parents Forever ™ is an educational program for families experiencing:

  • Divorce
  • Separation of couples who share children
  • Change in custody that involves shared custody (such as some foster or kin care situations)

Parents and other caregivers take a course like Parents Forever™ for several reasons. Usually, they fall into one or both situations:

  • They were told to take a parent education course by their judge, court personnel or attorney.
  • They are concerned about their children’s, or their own wellbeing after a family transition.

Parents Forever ™classes, facilitated by Human Development and Relationships Educators, are offered in two formats.

In Person:

A four hour session, available in Dunn County at the Government Center on the second Saturday of most months, from 8:30 am–12:30 pm may be available, please register using the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes must have more than two registrants. If the class is not going forward, registrants will be contacted by email and/or phone to see if they would like to move their registration to a digital or later in person class.

This is a good option for those that prefer more interactive learning, or for people without the ability to access online learning.

In person sessions will be held at the Dunn County Government Center, 3001 State Highway 12, East, Menomonie, WI 54751

Please sign up for a class here: The room number will be sent to you in a pre-session email.

Cost: $20 Early Registration, or $30 at the door, includes Parents Forever handbook
*cash or money order payable to: Extension Dunn County. Get your book from the Extension Office.


Several counties cooperate to offer an online version of the Parents Forever class, which lasts approximately 3 hours, from 6:00-9:00 pm on the following Monday evenings:

  • 2023 Dates: May 8th, July 10, September 18, November 13.

The online class requires good internet connection, plus camera and microphone, and a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. You may not be driving a car. If that sounds workable, please use this sign up form: These online courses are offered in cooperation with several regional Extension offices. The link for the course will come to you in a welcome email.

Cost: $20, includes Parents Forever handbook
*cash or money order payable to: Extension Dunn County. You can get your book from the Extension Office.

There is also an approved self-paced 8 hour course through Extension University of Minnesota: The cost is $89.

Note: These are the 3 courses approved by the Dunn County Court. If you are from another county, be sure to check with your county’s family court officials to see if these options will work for you.

Parents Forever ™ has been approved by the Dunn County Court. It meets and exceeds expectations for court-mandated parent education in Dunn County. In Dunn County you have 3 options for satisfying the court-order, (1) attend the 4 hour live training in person, (2) complete the 3+ hour online course, or (3) choose the self-paced option. For all options, you will receive a certificate of completion after completing your course. This certificate is what you need to show your judge, court personnel, or attorney (if the course was court-ordered).

Do you have questions before you select an option? Please contact Luisa Gerasimo at 715-232-1636 or

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