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Being a Family Leader involves many different skills and professions.  As a Family Leader you are required to be a Financial Advisor, Gourmet Chef, Teacher and Child Development Expert to name a few.  When you entered the ‘real world’, married, or had kids did you receive specific training in any one of these professions?  Probably not.  You did bring a wealth of experiences from your own life that you could apply to this new role.  Many CEO’s also bring skills and experiences to their new positions but they receive one thing that many Family Leader’s don’t…training!!  As a Family Leader you are essentially the CEO of your very complex, every changing family!  Families range from multi parent households with children to one adult living alone!  In other words, a family is defined however YOU want it to be!  As you navigate through life as an adult, accessing trainings and opportunities to help you on your journey will make it more fun, more enjoyable, and  a lot less stressful!

UW-Extension strives to be your one stop shop to receiving training and resources that will help you as Family Leader, keep your family running like a well run business. Your family is already strong, using these resources will give you ideas, tips AND keep the FUN in your family, even through challenging times!  Are you looking for something you don’t see on these pages?  Call!  We WILL find the answers for you!  Enjoy!

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