FoodWIse focuses on helping individuals and families purchase and prepare healthful meals and snacks based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans including MyPlate.

Recommendations include:


            – Making half of your plates fruits and vegetables

            – Balancing your calories by avoiding over sized portions

            – Make at least half of your grains whole grains

            – Switch to fat-free or low-fat 1% milk

            – Choose foods with lower amounts of sodium

            – Drink water instead of sugary drinks

            – Get active every day (amount of time depends on age)

For more information and recipes on the five food groups explore the links below

     Fruits                                                           Dairy

f                                             m

          Apples                                                   Calcium Fact Sheet


              Grains                                                    Vegetables


       Grains                                                             Potatoes

      Rice                                                                   Squash


                                                                      Versatile Vegetables

            Protein                                             Meal Ideas/Smart Choices

   p                              Breakfast                      Soups

                               Sandwiches                    Salads

          Beans                                        Healthy Snacks               Menu Planning

          Eggs                                         One Dish Meals              Crock Pot Cooking

          Fish                                     The Truth About Sugar        Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes

        Turkey                                                Choosing Foods With Less Fat

Visit these links to learn more about the Nutrition Facts Label and how to look up calories and nutrients in food.

Looking for new and delicious recipes to try? Visit our Food Finder.


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