Dunn County Barn Quilt Trail

Pictures of Dunn County barn quilts have been provided by the owners or the Dunn County Barn quilt committee members (Katie Wantoch, Mary Kolstad and Janine Thull).

1 Madison Barn Madison
N13052 Cty. Rd M
New Auburn, WI 54757 Pattern: Pinwheel Star
 The barn was built by the Peterson family in the 1860’s to house livestock, mainly cows and horses. It was also used to store feed (hay) and bedding. The bottom level is composed of a mixture of large rocks and cement. The hay mow is made of lumber that was logged from the property. Originally owned by the Peterson family, then bought by the current owners in the 1930’s during the depression.

McDonald/The Grain Bin

E4548 Cty. Rd.  FF
Boyceville, WI 54725
Pattern:  Wisconsin

The Yellow Barn was built in the early 1900s by Alfred and Laura Vennes who used it as a dairy barn.  It was built using rough sawn lumber and cedar shingles with a sandstone foundation from a local quarry.  It was originally used to milk and house cattle before housing various small animals.

The McDonald’s bought the barn in 2012 and the property is now used for a variety of events.





E4690 920th Ave

Boyceville, WI 54725

4  Blakeley's2


E5228 920th Ave.
Boyceville, WI 54725
Pattern: Evergreen

The barn was built in 1917 to house dairy cattle and horses.  There was a wooden staves silo used for storage.  The lower level has a tile structure and the upper portion was built with white pine.  Eventually a new roof and cables were installed.

It was used for raising livestock before being converted into “The Black Bell” antique shop.  It is now used for storage and a wood working shop.  The farm is part of the Managed Forest Program and there are over 520 acres of pine and hardwood.



E4990 920th Ave

Boyceville, WI 54725



E9461 945th Ave.
Colfax, WI 54730
Pattern: Bloomin’ Time

The original barn may have been built as early as 1870, but in 1958, a tornado came through the area destroying the top portion of the barn and ripping the roof off.  Only the cement foundation of the barn, the milk house, and the grainery remained.  The barn was used to milk cows, but it is now used for storage and raising beef cattle.


N7310 State Hwy 25
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Twinkle Star

The garden shed was built in 2014 and is made of pine and metal siding.  The land the shed is built on has been in the family for over 100 years.



1705 Dairyland Rd.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Crossed Canoes

The Koch barn, circa 1999, was built to provide shelter for horses and to store hay.  There are 4 stalls and a hay mow.  It has been used to house the family’s horses and as storage.
9 Liska BQ


N4794 Cty. Rd. Y
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Time and Tides

The Liska’s quilt is displayed on their garage and features a unique pattern.  Surrounded by pine forests, it is a beautiful addition to the trail.


N3855 490th St
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Carpenter’s                         Wheel





N3450 Cty Rd Y
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Americana

The Stokke farm was settled in the late 1890’s and was built in the early 1900’s.  The farm operates as a small, tie stall, pipeline dairy farm milking about 40 cows.  The Stokke’s chose the Americana pattern featuring American Flag designs and John Deere colors.

The American Flag design was chosen because the pattern represents “America’s Dairyland and the John Deere green and yellow as there is a long family history in the John Deere business, and John Deere equipment is used on the farm.” The family also likes to collect John Deere equipment.

12 Quilling-2


N3066 570th St
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Norwegian                           Heritage

The farm was homesteaded in 1880 by Lynne’s grandparents who emigrated from Norway, and has been a working farm for the past 136 years.  Lynne and her husband, Richard are the fourth generation to own the farm. The surrounding rolling hills and valleys are reminiscent of the Norwegian landscape in which the early family members came. The barn was built in 1924 by Norwegian builders and was a horse and cow barn with 6 horse stalls at one end and 13 cows were milked in the other end. It still houses cows today. The construction consisted of 12 foot oak and poplar stock boards.  The lumber was locally grown and Dunn Ridge Stone was hauled in the winter to form the foundation. Cement blocks make up the first story.
The quilt block was designed by Kathryn Johnson (Lynne’s sister).  The block demonstrates the early and present generations’ faith in God.  The vibrant colors display the beauty of the surrounding natural countryside.


E1901 160th Ave

Elmwood, WI 54740




N4699 970th St
Elk Mound, WI 54739
Pattern: Double Aster

The Dummer’s barn was built in the early 1950’s using hand cut timbers from the Elk Mound swamp by Frank Scheibe Dummer Sr.  It was built to milk cows and still milks about 70.  The barn is a stanchion barn with an adjoining feed room.The Aster pattern represents 4 parts:  4 children – blue sky, and colors green & gold for crops (corn, soybeans, oats & hay), red (tractor), and white (marriages).
15 Knutson


N1625 Cty Rd Y
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern: Flying Dutchman

The quilt is displayed on a storage shed built in 2002.


N8582 County Road A

Colfax, WI 54730



N5615 200th Street

Menomonie, WI 54751

18 Kannel


W9320 Cty Rd Z
Arkansaw, WI 54721

Country Patriotic Star       Tumbling Maple Leaf       Curved Log Cabin           Evergreen Farm

The farm has been in the family since 1898, originally purchased by great uncle, John Black, then grandfather, Fred Black, father Willard Black, and now by Don & Jean (Black) Kannel. The barn, circa 1910, was used to house dairy cows and horses.  There were three additions made to keep up with the expanding farm.  There are hand-hewn beams and stone walls from when it was originally built.  Steel was added to prolong the life of the structure.  The original barn had a milk house inside with horse stalls, pens for a bull, and spaces for small calves.


N686 Cty Rd Z
Eau Galle, WI 54737
Pattern: Checked         Crossed Canoes

The farm has been in the McRoberts family for 150 years. The family immigrated from Ireland and settled in the area in the mid-1800s. The quilt is displayed on the house as the barn has since been taken down.  The house is the original farmhouse and although there have been some additions, parts are over 150 years old.


N739 Cty Rd D
Elmwood, WI 54740
Pattern: Baier’s Pinwheel               Effect

Baier Creek Farms, Inc. near Eau Galle (southernmost part of Dunn County) was homesteaded in 1857. Unfortunately during the July, 2016 wind storm, a historical barn on this secondary farm which served as a home for many beef and the overflow dairy cattle was destroyed.  The Baier family then decided to construct a farm storage facility on this site.  We thought it would be appropriate to name the custom designed barn quilt, “Baier’s Pinwheel Effect”  for the simple reason that our farming operations had weathered many many wind storms over the past 40 years.       


E7610 620th Ave

Elk Mound, WI 54739



N2514 960th St.
Elk Mound, WI 54739
Pattern: Early Rising

 The original barn housed dairy cows and young stock for nearly 80 years. Most of the lumber used was floated by raft downstream from a sawmill in Eau Claire to the crossing at Caryville. The bills of loading are dated in 1902 and 1903; one copy was written in Norwegian. The Allen & Lenore Larson family operated the dairy farm from 1960 to 1995. Lenore still lives in the original remodeled house. The barn the quilt is displayed on was built in 2010. The theme of the barn quilt “Early Rising” represents  the many years of getting up to milk cows and all of the chores related to dairy farming. The quilt colors tie in the new building with older buildings.


N3848 570th St.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Pattern:  Nine Patch Star


The 40-acre farm was purchased in 1880 from the Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis Railway Company by Ole Olson Grimstad for $300. It was sold to his daughter, Sophia and husband, Christ Lee (Sundness) in 1910, then to their son & wife, Joy & Ruth Lee, in 1955 The farm was then purchased by Roger & Marlene Lee in 1976. In 1980, the farm received the Century Farm Award from the State of Wisconsin.  Cows were milked in a dairy barn until 1994. That barn was replaced by a cattle shed for beef cattle in 2001. The barn quilt was made by Roger & Marlene’s son, Travis Lee and designed by his wife, Jodi in Norwegian colors, and given to Marlene as a Christmas gift in 2015. It is located on a machine shed built in 1980 to replace the one that was destroyed in the July, 1980 windstorm.


E3510 Hwy 29 Menomonie, WI 54751 Pattern:  Crown of Thorns

 Jeff & Mary Merritt purchased this farm in 1987 from Frank and Harriet Merritt.  The farm has been in the Merritt family since 1968.


N14255 190th Street Prairie Farm, WI 54762 Pattern: 5-star Wavy Flag

Hans Prestrud immigrated from Norway in the 1890’s and eventually bought 80 acres of land in 1901, which he cleared and sold the firewood to businesses in surrounding villages, which was their livelihood at the time. The 25-stall hip-roof barn was built in 1924 and dairy farming became the backbone of their livelihood.


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