4-H Softball

Softball Fun in Dunn!

Any 4-Her who joins 4-H before May 1st may participate in 4-H Softball. We typically have three leagues; Junior league for ages 8-12, Intermediate league for ages 11-14, and Senior league for ages 13-18.

Dunn County Softball Commissioner Steinmeyer is asking you to sign up individually at this sign up spot.  This list will allow clubs and coaches to create mixed teams for more field time and more games. Apply by May 1. The Softball Committee will be formed soon. Contact Troy Steinmeyer if you have questions or would like to coach.

  • A mandatory meeting for coaches and umpires will be set early May of that season.
  • Each year the Rules and Guidelines are agreed upon by the coaches and assistants at the first meeting of the season.
  • Each player have Consent Form and Code of Conduct form filled out by the first game.
  • Each year a Softball Chair will be appointed and will act as the main liaison between 4-H Softball and the Extension Dunn County

Updated information for the 2020 4-H Softball season is coming soon!

Forms & Rules:

Consent Form 2019

2019 Code of Conduct

2019 Softball Rules and Guidelines

League Line-up:

Coming soon!

Reporting the score: The coach of the winning team is responsible for reporting the score to the 4-H Softball chair, Troy Steinmeyer, after each game.

*4-H Softball begins early June & ends mid July


The Softball Committee voted Troy Steinmeyer to be the Softball Chair for the 2019 softball season. Scores, basic questions, and possible softball issues should go directly through Troy this year. He will then disseminate the information to the Extension Office.


Troy’s Contact Information:

tsteinmeyer@altagenetics.com| 920-475-4669   


According to 4-H History Preservation, 4-H Softball has a rich national 4-H history, since the beginning in the 1930’s it has transformed and enriched the life of 4-H members and alumni to this day.  Frank Graham, former Chairman of Extension Youth Development at the University of Missouri, advocated for the sport in article published in June 1966 in the National 4-H News.

He explained, “Sports help make young people well rounded. They develop physically, mentally, morally and socially. As a nation, we are falling short of top physical condition, the experts say. We need more exercise, and 4-H can help. Mental development comes from sports in the form of alertness and good reactions and reflexes. Learning good sportsmanship is a moral gain, I feel, and learning to win or lose gracefully develops boys and girls socially.”

and he went on to say sports can contribute to good citizenship through the teaching of courage, self discipline, and persistence. He insisted when youth participate in sports, it acts as a springboard to participation in other educational activities of 4-H.



If you have any questions regarding 4-H Youth Development, please contact:


Luisa Gerasimo
4-H Program Educator


Extension Dunn County
3001 US Hwy 12 E, Room 216
Menomonie WI 54751-3045
Phone: 715-232-1636
Fax: 715-231-6687


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