Real Colors Facilitation

Are you looking for a fun, and possibly life-changing, 3-4 hour workshop for your staff or group? Luisa Gerasimo, our Human Development and Relationships Educator, is a trained facilitator for Real ColorsTM and is available to help your group dig into the science of temperament. Several Dunn County departments have taken advantage of this interactive […]

Strengthen your Family Bonds with Traditions!

Ever wondered about your family traditions? We have a free one-hour FREE online class for parents of any age! A chance to think about your traditions, consider adding new ones, or changing older ones. Offered twice: midday and evening on December 21 – register here: scroll down for class offerings. The session is co-facilitated […]

2023 FEED Summit

Add value to your Food or Farming Business at the 2-Day, In-Person, FEED Summit in Green Bay! Network with other entrepreneurs, learn about grants and funding, food safety, business planning, and much more!

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