HCE: Home Community Education

The Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, Inc., is a non-profit educational organization comprised of member associations in 59 counties in Wisconsin.

The organization is unique in that members extend the information they receive from the University faculty and other reliable sources ot the membership and community.  Program planning and leadership training are provided by a collaborative effort of WAHCE, Inc. and the Extension Family Living Program.

The Extension faculty serve as advisors to both the state and county HCE Associations.  Education programs are developed after careful study of statewide concerns.

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Officer Guidelines

So you are a new officer, Congratulations!  Below are documents to help you be successful in your new role:

HCE President Guidelines

HCE Secretary Guidelines

HCE Treasurer Guidelines

HCE Vice-pres Guidelines

Executive Council and Chairmen

Executive Council

President: Rosalie Werner

Past President:  Elaine Villeneuve

Vice-President:  Christie Pittman

Secretary:  Margaret Breisch                 

Treasurer:  Jayette Giere

Area Center Chairmen

North: Maureen Scott and Geri Bates, Co-chairs

West:  Rosalie Werner

East:  Rosalind Wynveen and Rita Kothlow, Co-chairs

Educational Chairmen

Vice-President for Program:   Alaine Sonnenberg

Vice-President for Family and Community Outreach:  June Braford

International and Citizenship: Valerene Johnson

Committee Chairmen

Cultural Arts:   Vacant

Marketing/Membership:  Christie Pittman

Wisconsin Bookworms:  Nancy Doane

Historian: Elaine Villeneuve

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